What are news values?

Criteria for deciding on news values are all very well for the beginners, but how about some digestion of tried and common formulae for TV news styles in the form of parodies of easily recognised formats? One of those TV news formats that is easily parodied – because it has its own easily recognisable style or identity – is that of CNN.

Our first parody, and my personal favourite, is CNNN, courtesy the ABC and the Chasers. You’ll note that these clips are from the archives, and that the news that they report on is now almost ten years old (and don’t the Chasers look young and sweet as well. For more recent Chaser material, the War on Everything is recommended). Nevertheless, the idea of what CNN considers as new values can be recognised from that period – items which are either very local and minor, or both distant and touching a patriotic nerve at the same time….

…and if that one left you wanting some more, then I have embedded another example of CNNN for further distraction from any real data-gathering you may have felt you were going to do:

Of course, some people might prefer an American perspective on both parody and CNN. For this you’ll need to go to The Onion – a very respectable online news parodying institution, which now presents some of its work in video format:

Breaking News: Some Bullshit Happening Somewhere

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