May 14

cryptome on kickstarter?

worth supporting, but dunno about the video of glenn greenwald.
posted here for the files – re surveillance on surveillance society

or, go straight to the projetc’s kickstarter page:

Feb 14

so you know a linguist…

thanks to jodie martin, we have a .gif of a slideshow explanator:

Oct 13

ye olde net

another neat video from visual.ly on vimeo – this one animates the concept of the internet and how it inter-connects everything. you can easily see how we can be surveilled at leisure.

and on that score, mobile technology and wifi connections make it that much easier to tune in to your wavelength. another bonus for those who would deny us cable to the home, methinks.

voice-over quips that using the data made available by our own digital footprint means that, “information ceases to be information at all…”

Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.

Sep 13

charlie still don’t surf

a neat mash-up of one of my old-time favourite songs
using clips from apocalypse now.
..and now.

Charlie Don’t Surf / Apocalypse Now from Cinque Lee on Vimeo.

Sep 13

a quote in celebration of our new leaders

Big Government and Big Business … will try to impose social and cultural uniformity upon adults and their children. To achieve this they will (unless prevented) make use of all the mind-manipulating techniques at their disposal and will not hesitate to reinforce these methods of non-rational persuasion by economic coercion and threats of physical violence. If this kind of tyranny is to be avoided, we must begin without delay to educate ourselves and our children for freedom and self-government. Such an education for freedom should be … first of all in facts and in values — the facts of individual diversity and genetic uniqueness and the values of freedom, tolerance and mutual charity, which are the ethical corollaries of these facts.

~ Aldous Huxley(Brave New World Revisited, 1958)

Apr 13

getting political about surveillance

here’s bill moyers interviewing glenn greenwald on topics related to the US reaction to the boston bombings.
as usual, greenwald is articulate, knowledgeable, and not at all partisan. the very things he sets out so astutely, the reasons and the contexts for people seemingly willingly giving up control to the government under the banner of ‘security’, label him for some as ‘unAmerican’ – an irony i do not think is lost on him. american values of independent thinking, of freedom to go about one’s business, to be confident that one’s fellows are not foolishly being herded into a state of fear producing distrust… are all being eroded, when one incident of local so-called ‘terrorism’ throws the cat amongst the pigeons, and babies out with bath-waters…

the whole thing is worth watching.
but excerpts appended below.

some excerpts from the greenwald interview:

…it’s that false dichotomy, that the more the government learns about us, the safer we’ll be. In part because what history shows is that when governments are able to surveil people in the dark, generally the greatest outcome is that they abuse that power and it becomes tyrannical. If you talk to anybody who came from Eastern Europe, they’ll tell you that the reason we left is because society’s become deadened and soulless, when citizens have no privacy. And it’s a difficult concept to understand, why privacy is so crucial, but people understand it instinctively. They put locks on their bedroom doors, not for security, but for privacy.
They put passwords on their email accounts, because people know that only when you can engage in behavior without being watched is that where you can explore, where you can experiment, where you can engage in creative thinking, in creative behavior. A society that loses that privacy is a society that becomes truly conformist. And I think that’s the real danger.

…You’ve had people who have exposed government deceit and waste and corruption and illegality being systematically prosecuted as criminals in very harsh ways, threatened with decades in prison, being prosecuted as spies, essentially, under espionage statute. Whereas the people on whom they blew the whistle, the actual bad actors in the government, have been shielded and protected.
And what this is designed to do is to send a message as every investigative journalist in the United States will tell you, including ones who work for the most established of newspapers. To send a message to would-be sources and whistleblowers, who want to advise the public about government wrongdoing, that they better think twice because they will be severely punished if they do so.

Oct 12

Ma.tt interview

it’s long – almost 2 hours – but for someone keen on what is the driving force behind WP, open source software, the GPL license, and how ideas like networking, social semiotics and copyright get tangled, then listening to Mullenweg answer here, fills in some gaps on how things get started with an open source mindset, and what makes a guy like him tick. and the guy is very likeable.

below the vid frame, i’ve noted some collected quips from the interview – please note, i was scribbling these down, so if you are keen to cite them, best go to the source and check the exact wording…

54.04: ‘exploit’ is a terrible word
58.57: the Pageview thing is poisonous
——- adblockers are hated
——- above the fold will die out
1.01.06: I don’t like ads in general
1.04.20: money is not my biggest motivator in most cases
1.11.09: it seems like reality TV has few upsides
1.13.38: I believe that open source is the most powerful idea of our generation.. applied to everything..
——– ..blows it up.. The ultimate force of creative destruction.
1.14.10: that’s why I grow my hair out like a hippy
1.17.48: GPL is the most moral of all the licenses
1.18.11: the reason why WordPress didn’t turn into Joomla
1.22.38: our core ~ is to democratise publishing
——– ..create equality of opportunity for the tools to publish
1.22.50: ..it creates a more open and transparent society
1.35.00: [it used to have?] a dashboard like the Millennium Falcon
1.43.50: WordPress is not a social space, but a means to an end

Oct 12

infographic on animal killers: nothing to do with blogs

I’ve had it with people putting shit on sharks.
They are a necessary and useful part of the ecosystem, and it’s time people just left them alone. If you get bitten by a shark, well, it’s an accident. They prefer fish for dinner anyway. They are also the marine equivalent of vacuum cleaners – keep our seas clean.
Check this out:

Man Vs Shark

Created by Surfmeisters Surf Blog | Surf Videos | Flip Flops

May 12

Typeface chase

Courtesy of Visual.ly again.. for those who know how typeface and font-styles reveal who you are… at least for the register you want to perform…

Browse more data visualizations.

May 12

Found on Visual.ly

And who might this admin be more akin to?

by JESS3. Browse more data visualizations.